Have you ever heard someone say that they are not going to send flowers to a funeral because “flowers will just die anyway?"  I have. But flowers leave a lasting impression at a funeral home.  They bring comfort to the members of the family and to friends. 
Pictured here are many of our most popular arrangements. But our favorite way to design is by NOT limiting a customer to what they can find on a florist's website. Please send us any picture you may find that expresses the way you wish to honor your loved one, and we will customize and/or match the arrangement exactly to your tastes.
 Have you ever been to a funeral where there were not many flowers present?  Didn’t you feel like something was missing?  Flowers give you something to focus on other than the sadness in the room.
Some funerals are now called a celebration of life.  Flowers are often present when we celebrate. With all the colors and shapes, how could you not feel a celebration?
The atmosphere you express with flowers will be one of the last gifts that you can give your loved one.  That memory will stay with you forever.  Flowers are a wonderful expression of sympathy.  Some are beautiful, some are fragile, some are long lasting, some are simple, some are elegant, some are bright, and some are muted.  That is the way our lives are.